Production Video | Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. Tell your story well with breathtaking product shots, crisp headshots, or memorable commercials to use across your brand.

Naples Webscapes and Video Live Today (our sister company) provides professional videography and photography to businesses, associations and non-profit organizations.

Production Video | Photography

We help unveil products, people and stories that matter. We are always ready to do motion work for use in our clients’ branding. The use of video is on the rise in marketing and when done properly can elevate your brand – in search, engagement and better click-through rates. Motion evokes emotion. Video can be used powerfully to tell your story and start a conversation with your customers while connecting with them on an emotional level with attributes like tone of voice, facial expressions, music and more. We use the best tools to create digital motion that lasts. Sometimes this involves putting a drone in the air and partnering with filmmakers and producers from all over the world with the best equipment and cameras available to help tell the stories that once couldn’t be told.

We think there’s a difference between photography and telling a story. Anyone can take a photograph, but not every photograph tells a story. Digital stills help us tell your story well. As creatives and digital storytellers, we capture images that tell the story behind the story; the backstory that’s perhaps the most interesting part of something. Our imagery might frame a portfolio or review a product. It might support a blog or add transparency to social media. We use the best digital cameras as tools to tell our clients’ stories; to capture moments and to help create something that lasts. As branding folks and creators of stills, content and stories, we know it takes a moment to capture the right shot, but it has the potential to last forever. Our process is simple and unique. Sometimes blurring the lines is where creativity begins.

Naples Webscapes collaborates with our sister company Video Live Today to provide all production web video, commercials and live streaming. You can visit that website by clicking below.

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