A brand is more than a logo or website. It’s a story weaved together from ideas and transformed into experiences.

Naples Webscapes provides professional branding to businesses, associations and non-profit organizations.


Whether you are launching a new brand identity or revising an existing one, understanding where you are now is a critical first step. Our team identifies brand opportunities with the most potential for your audiences, industry and competitive situation. The way your logo and web design connect with your social media all matter. From your website to Google+ for reviews to Facebook for engagement – your branding needs to be consistent.

To uncover brand purpose, we ask: Where is the passion, what are your strengths and what do you do that’s the very best? What need do you fill in the market and where do you fit? We help brands identify and seize their purpose as they sharpen and transform.

After undergoing the brand positioning process you’ll be prepared to take on the marketplace with confidence. Savy helps your brand arrive at the position you desire. Well-designed brands are invaluable. The colors used in your logo, the material and shape of your building signage, the unique stock and layout of your business cards – all of these elements combine in unison to create brands that matter. At the end of our process you’ll be provided a full-color PDF positioning document that clearly presents our research, development and recommendations for creating a well-loved brand.